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Terms & Conditions

G.G.S. Services Ltd. sells and/or rents Technical Equipment for Investigations to natural persons and business entities. It also offers Services like Credit Reports and Assets Reports on private persons and companies anywhere in the world, investigations and Mystery Shopping services.

The Customer commits himself to read these Terms and Conditions and to contact directly the competent trade office to realize a contract and satisfy any personal request.


1.1 All the agreements with G.G.S. Services Ltd. are regulated by these Terms and Conditions which are constituent of any proposal or order, and they are approved by the signature of it or simply by performing the payment for it. Terms and conditions connected to your order are those available at the time of placing the order and they are accepted unconditionally when you sign the order. Particular conditions settled with the competent trade office should be included and signed in the order.

1.2 Every request must be submitted to the competent trade office by mail, email or by phone and it will be submitted to headquarter office for its acceptance. The headquarter office reserves the right to accept or decline the order without giving any explanation. That for the delicacy and particularity of the Products and Services offered. When entering an order, the Customer is committed to completing the contract. He will be contacted as soon as possible to process the order in the best way and in the shortest possible time.

1.3 Each order sent to G.G.S. Services Ltd. should be completed in every part and must contain all the elements necessary to identify the Products (in purchasing or renting) and/or the Services desired, as well as the right identification of the Customers; for Information or Credit Reports, the order must contain the correct identification of the requested subject. The competent trade office will control the data and, if necessary, it will ask for more explanations.

1.4 If the Customer is not identifiable, the order will be refused for his guilt.

1.5 G.G.S. Services Ltd. reserves the right to refuse orders without giving any explanation. In such case, G.G.S. Services Ltd. will inform the Client and will refund the already versed sums for the supply not performed. The Client won’t have the right to any other reimbursement or compensation.

1.6 After an order submission and relative payment it's not possible to cancel the order, in any case.

1.7 Products present in our web page could be modified without notice. When ordering, the Client must inquire on the real availability of the chosen Products or Services.

1.8 The fiscal documentation of the ordered Products or Services will be issued after the reception of the complete payment. G.G.S. Services Ltd. does not issue tax deductible documentation before payment has been done. Also pro-forma invoices and similar are not issued by G.G.S. Services Ltd.under any circumstances.

1.9 The Client is solely responsible for the order signed with G.G.S. Services Ltd. . It's the sole responsibility of the Client to make sure that the requests made by him are legitimate or not in his own country.


2.1 Except where otherwise suitable, the prices of the Goods and Services publicized by G.G.S. Services Ltd. are without VAT. Prices indicated next to the Products annul and replace the precedent ones and they are subordinated to their real availability.

2.2 The right price list is the one valid at the moment of the order. Customer is committed to verify the validity of the price list in his hands.

2.3 For private Clients all prices will be increased of 19% Cypriot VAT.

2.4 Customers with VAT Registration Number are untaxed on the invoice according to the European Common Market about VAT. They will pay VAT in their own Country according to their law. The Client, who wants the invoice made out to a company name, must ask for it in the order. He must indicate all the data of the company. G.G.S. Services Ltd. will verify on VIES system the VAT Registration Number. If this is not recognized, the invoice will be increased of 19% Cypriot VAT. The Customers will ask the tax rebate to his competent Tax Agency, if owed.


3.1 The technical and working characteristics of the Products are those pointed out by the manufacturers. G.G.S. Services Ltd. is not responsible of the truth and completeness of the information.

3.2 Pictures of the Products are just an indication and not binding.

3.3 The reports are guaranteed by G.G.S. Services Ltd. and they are written on headed paper, unless otherwise indicated. The Client accepts this report as true. He will claim some refund only if he can provide legal evidence what G.G.S. Services Ltd. delivered is not true. This evidence must be sent to G.G.S. Services Ltd. within 15 days from receiving the report. Beyond this date any evidence will be accepted. Legal evidence must be official, valid and not against any law. G.G.S. Services Ltd. reserves the right to accept or refuse this evidence if there is the possibility it is outlaw.

3.4 If G.G.S. Services Ltd. or one of his freelancers makes a serious fault, G.G.S. Services Ltd. will refund the Customers of the entire amount paid out, but only that. No other sum or compensation will be refund.

3.5 G.G.S. Services Ltd. refuses orders against notables, celebrities, sports celebrities, politicians and politically exposed persons, VIPs in general, of any country and nationality.

3.6 No Products are delivered as demonstration units. G.G.S. Services Ltd. can explain the features of the Products and give advice, but the Customers are the only responsible in charge of the choice of the ordered Products, and of the right correspondence to their own needs.

3.7 G.G.S. Services Ltd. doesn't deliver free reports. G.G.S. Services Ltd. can give advice, but the Customers are the only responsible in charge of the choice of the Services required, and of the right correspondence to their own needs.

3.8 Save as provided under clauses 3.6 and 3.7, G.G.S. Services Ltd. is not responsible if the Client gives wrong information about his own needs, interests and designs.

3.9 All the information provided by G.G.S. Services Ltd. are strictly reserved and for private use of the Client. The information remain sole property of G.G.S. Services Ltd. and it's forbidden to the Client to spread them to a third parts. G.G.S. Services Ltd. disclaims all responsibility in case of breach.


4.1 G.G.S. Services Ltd. delivers Products and Services according to what indicated in the price list or according to what agreed with the Client and specified in written form in the contract.

4.2 Delivery time indicated in the price list is to be considered as time-limit. This time-limit won’t be respected for particular requests and for particular political, social or natural conditions in the countries both of the Customers and of the Supplier. In this case G.G.S. Services Ltd. will inform the Client immediately but this can’t withdraw from the contract. Because of the peculiarity and delicacy of the Products and Services offered, G.G.S. Services Ltd. is not responsible for any delivery delay.

4.3 G.G.S. Services Ltd. delivers the Products sold or rent at its offices in the competent country. If a Client requires the delivery of a Product through a carrier, the expenses shall be borne by him and the shipment must be traceable and insured.

4.4 If the Customer refuses to make a traceable and insured shipment, the order can’t be delivered through his fault and he can’t ask for any reimbursement or compensation.

4.5 The Goods are always charged to the Client’s responsibility. Therefore he can choose the preferred carrier for the shipment.

4.6 The Client will pay in advance G.G.S. Services Ltd. the expenses of insurance and those of going to (for the sale) and also those of coming back (for the rent) of the Goods.

4.7 Before the Goods leave G.G.S. Services Ltd. offices, the Client must have paid a security deposit (for the rent) and in full the price (for the sale) of the chosen Product.


5.1 G.G.S. Services Ltd. accepts international banking transfers, cash, Bitcoins, credit cards/ debit cards/ prepaid cards or Paypal. We don't accept bank checks, money orders (i.e. Western Union, Money Gram, etc.) and cash on delivery shipments.

5.2 Trade conditions of G.G.S. Services Ltd. are:
- Full price paid in advance in event of information;
- 50% of the budget as down payment. Settlement at the end of the rent (when the equipment bringing back), for rents.
- 50% when ordering and settlement “brevi manu” at the delivery or before the shipment, for sales.
- To be agreed for investigations.
- To be agreed for Mystery Shopping services.

5.3 Particular conditions between G.G.S. Services Ltd. and the Client must be written and signed in the contract.

5.4 Security deposit for rent must be paid with the down payment. When the contract is expired, the down payment will be refund to the Client after having checked the rented equipment and verified it is untouched and works.

5.5 Guarantee deposits:
- The deposit for GPS rents is € 600,00 ; amount per unit hired.
- The deposit for bugs/micro cameras is variable, based on the type of the devices chosen, from a minimum of € 250,00 per unit hired (bug/micro camera + receiver) to a maximum of € 2.500,00 per unit hired. More details on price list or from our representatives.

5.6 Overdue amounts after payment deadlines are subjected to the Central Bank of Cyprus Reference Interest Rate plus a 4.5 percentage points fees.

5.7 The Client is free to purchase a credit in advance pouring the chosen amount to G.G.S. Services Ltd. whenever he wishes to do it. Nevertheless this credit doesn't correspond to an anticipated purchase of any quantity and/or kind of products or services present in our price list. This sum never fix the purchased price of these products / services.
The products / services promoted in our price list have costs that can vary all the time; independently of the waived sum, the price of these purchased products / services is the one current when placing the order and not when signing the credit.
The availability of these products / services can vary all the time; even in this case the current price list when placing the order is the valid one and not the one when signing the credit.
In both cases, variation of prices of products/ services or their availability can’t be considered a disservice or a serious lack from G.G.S. Services Ltd.; so any indemnification and/or reimbursement can be required.

5.8 When the Client makes a payment higher than the order placed or he has made a payment for an order that he has subsequently modified / annulled or he has freely undersigned a credit, this residual money can be used by the Client in the following two ways:

a) he can require the total amount back (in writing application per email letter to the referable Commercial Office) to the same bank account and to the same Client’s name from which the amount was firstly sent. In this case the banking fees for the amount back to and the administrative fees for the relative credit note are fixed in € 15,00 (+ 19% VAT if applicable) and they will be directly kept from the amount to be returned. A regular invoice will be sent. The return will be done by bank withdrawal only;
b) he can leave the amount in G.G.S.Services Ltd cash like a credit for future requests (no additional costs).

5.9 As regards the duration of these credits the Client proposes, and G.G.S. Services Ltd. approves, that the expiration date will be in 12 (twelve) months from the date of the credit purchase (it's the date of payment collection from G.G.S. Services Ltd. that it's valid).
Expired this time, if the Client didn’t use or neither ask for the reimbursement of his credit, the amount will be considered expired and any refund can be claimed. The Client has full consciousness of this accord between the parts and he expressly renounces any legal action according to national and/or European Law, present or future the action of the signature of the credit and different from this private accord between the parts without claims.


6.1 All Goods leave G.G.S. Services Ltd. offices working, with a warranty and controlled by our staffers.

6.2 As the Goods are insured, the carrier is responsible for their damages during the shipment. The Client himself will contact the carrier to recover damages giving the fiscal documents received by G.G.S. Services Ltd. .

6.3 Casual problems of broken parts of the devices must be reported to G.G.S. Services Ltd. within 2 days from dispatch date by email and registered letter. The Client will be entitled to the changing just of the broken parts after having returned them back. He doesn’t have right to any other indemnity. Shipment expenses will be borne by G.G.S. Services Ltd. .

6.4 When in our offices, the devices will be checked by our staffers. Verified that damages aren’t Client’s fault, the parts will be changed.

6.5 Save as provided under clause 6.3, G.G.S. Services Ltd. doesn’t guarantee the Products on sale farther than the manufacturer do. Technical expertise and warranty intervention are guaranteed by the manufacturers according to what written in the instructions enclosed the Products. In particular G.G.S. Services Ltd. doesn’t guarantee compatibility among different products and devices used by the Client. The warranty of the Products doesn’t cover damages for Client’s negligence and incompetence. Neither damage for natural disaster, or disaster caused by other persons or unavoidable circumstances.

6.6 As for now it is agreed that for a verified responsibility of G.G.S. Services Ltd. towards the Client, even for a total or partial breach of the contract, this responsibility couldn’t be more than the price of the Products purchased by the Client and only for the contested Products.


7.1 According to the laws applied among the Countries of the European Union for the Rights of the Consumer, the Client is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to return the ordered Goods without any penalty, within 15 working days from delivery of the Products. As soon as possible the Client must write by email the competent trade office to obtain the Back Authorization Code (BAC) and the address to which send the Goods back. Obtained the BAC, he immediately must send a registered letter specifying his intent to cancel his contract without stating a reason; then he will arrange the shipment back. We don’t accept cash on delivery shipments. The parcels shouldn’t be deteriorated, damaged, opened and they must be in the same conditions as provided. The Goods inside must be unused neither for a test, they must not be deteriorated and they must well-work. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT ALL THIS IS TO BE DONE WITHIN 15 WORKING DAYS FROM THE DELIVERY DATE OF THE GOODS OR ELSE THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL WILL FAIL.

7.2 When the Products arrive in our offices, our staffers will verify their integrity. G.G.S. Services Ltd. will return the Client the amount of the back Product in the ratio of its invoice value within 15 working days. G.G.S. Services Ltd. will hold only the amount to cover damages seen during the inspection.

7.3 No such Right of Withdrawal exists if:
- The Customer is a society;
- Products and Services are tailor-made;
- On services and information.

Please remember that The Right of Withdrawal is a Client’s option; this right is valid only if the Client avoids the Contract for different reasons than quality and operating characterizes of the Product not according to his need. No refund is possible if the parcel returned to G.G.S. Services Ltd. is damaged, opened, and even partially used. Also if the Product inside is opened, damaged, and modified, the Right of Withdrawal won’t be valid and the Goods will be sent back to the Client by traceable and insured shipment. In this case the shipment expenses will be charged to the Client. No amount will be refund to the Client.

7.4 If G.G.S. Services Ltd. recognizes a Client’s willful misconduct in claiming his Right of Withdrawal, G.G.S. Services Ltd. reserves the right to take action against the Client charging the expenses to him/her.


8.1 Partial Invalidity. Should any term or provision hereof be deemed invalid, void or enforceable either in its entirety or in a particular application, the remaining parts of this T&Cs and the terms and provisions thereof shall nonetheless remain in full force and effect.

8.2 Language. The original English version of this T&Cs may have been translated into other languages. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version of this T&Cs, the English language version shall prevail.

8.3 Competent Court for any legal action will be the One of the Republic of Cyprus. It is understood that Consumer Protection Law comes first.

8.4 Change of this T&Cs is at sole discretion of G.G.S. Services Ltd. , which has no obligation to notify possible variations neither to clients nor to other persons. It is Client’s burden to consult the present T&Cs every time he works with G.G.S. Services Ltd. and to be sure to know and to understand the General Conditions of Sale herein before tacit agreement (point 1.1). Archiving and printing the current T&Cs  when placing an order it is only Client’s burden.

8.5 All communications sent to G.G.S. Services Ltd. by emails or online forms are transmitted in not-encrypted mode. Users must be aware that they use these communication systems at their own risk.

8.6 From time to time, G.G.S. Services Ltd. may sends (by email) information about its products and/or services. If someone do not wish to receive such information, he has to unsubscribe himself from the mailing list by the unsubscribe link placed inside the received email or to contact G.G.S. Services Ltd. through the contact form on this website in order to be removed from the mailing list.


9.1 All Content included in this website, unless uploaded by users, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, logos, icons, images, data compilations, page layout, underlying code and software is property of G.G.S. Services Ltd., its affiliates or other relevant third parties. Users acknowledge that such material is protected by applicable International intellectual property and other relevant laws. Users can't reproduce, copy, distribute, store or in any other fashion re-use material from this Website.

9.2 G.G.S. Services Ltd. doesn’t ensure that this website will be compatible with all systems, that it will be secure and that all information provided will be accurate. G.G.S. Services Ltd. gives no guarantee of any specific results from the use of our website.

9.3 G.G.S. Services Ltd. doesn’t ensure that the website is secure and free of errors, viruses and other malware; all users are advised to take responsibility for their own security, of their personal details and their computers.

9.4 G.G.S. Services Ltd. doesn’t ensure that the service will be free of defects and/or faults, and that the website will be available on an uninterrupted basis.

9.5 G.G.S. Services Ltd. does not accept any liability for any disruption or non-availability of the website resulting from external causes including, but not limited to, ISP equipment failure, host equipment failure, communications network failure, power failure, natural events, acts of war or legal restrictions and censorship.

9.6 G.G.S. Services Ltd. reserves the right to alter, suspend or discontinue any part of (or the whole of) the website. These Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply to any modified version of the website unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

9.7 This website may contain links to other sites. These sites could be under the control of G.G.S. Services Ltd. or not. However, G.G.S. Services Ltd. doesn't assume any responsibility for any and all forms of loss or damage arising out of the use of them.

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