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Absolutely the preferred contact method. Emails are almost instantaneous, safe, traceable, also certificated, free and the most important thing, they don't waste paper and don't pollute. Follow the link to reach the contact form.

web chat

A new powerful tool available on our website. Fell free to use it to get in touch instantly with us. To start a chat, click on the banner at the bottom, on the right.


The famous App! It's available for all devices and for all OS. Contact us instantly in a smart way... Add our number to your contact list: +1 (803) 878-7244 NEW!

Download it HERE, direclty from their official website.

Please take note that WhatsApp calls are disabled for us. So, only messages. Correspondence language: ENGLISH.

For any telephone contact we invite Customers to take advantage of the following numbers:

CY     +357 22 00 73 86 [Active Mo/Fr  14-17 local time]
UK     +44 20 35 14 76 56
[Active Mo/Fr  11-16 local time]
FR     +33 4 20 88 00 23
[Active Mo/Fr  14-17 local time]
IT     +39 02 94 75 06 04
[Active Mo/Fr  12-17 local time]
AT     +43 720 88 14 79 [Active Mo/Fr  13-17 local time]
DE     +49 [Temporary  not  available]

Please take note that the languages of correspondence with our offices are only ENGLISH, FRENCH and ITALIAN, on all numbers.


Archaic communication method, no longer used by us. Please think to environment and dismiss it you too.


Deeply believing in internet power, and having based the development of our Company on it, we strongly discourage its use. As well as it is slow, inconvenient, expensive and fallible, it also damages environment. By our willingness we will reject all paper addressed to our branches, because there are plentiful ways to communicate without cutting down trees.
ONLY shipments to the Headquarters are authorized and regularly received (for obvious legal and fiscal reasons).