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A lot of societies boast to be able to perform investigations on their whole national territory and/or even on foreign countries, although being small activities geographically located only in a place. We are really perplexed!

It is quite impossible to directly cover all clients’ requests on the domestic territory without applying high costs to the client...
For instance let’s think about the greatest costs (both in terms of expenses and daily allowance) that an investigation service could have in Hamburg (D) for an investigator from Munich (D), compared to the same work by an investigator from Hannover (D)...
And let’s think then about the costs if the investigator especially arrives from Paris (F)...

Any investigator can say he can work anywhere, but there are different practical problems that nobody specifies and to which few persons think.
Besides the simple and obvious costs of daily allowance, travel expenses, food and lodging, the client should consider problems as the knowledge of the territory, the language, the different body type of the appointees from the one typical of the place where the work has to be done, etc...
These are light problems for Germany on Germany or France on Germany.... but if we think about France on Russia or Germany on Brazil...

G.G.S. Services Ltd. knows very well these problems and for this reason it has a net of trusted collaborators all over the world. Even giants like us can't get anywhere by keeping prices responsive to the client.

The interested customer turns to us and receives a quote from our Partner on the spot (if desired) and one from us. Checked the two estimates, the client decides the one he prefers.

If the client opts for the Partner's estimate, he then works directly with the Partner, coordinating all the activities to be done; also the invoices will be done directly by the Partner. The Customer owes nothing to G.G.S. Services Ltd. , but has our guarantee to have entrusted to a serious professional carefully selected.
Instead, if the client prefers the estimate of Global Ghost Solutions, he has the quality assurance that derives from our name.

Distinction between us and small realities is that we offer transparency and give the client the power to choose whether to send us so far or directly to take someone on the spot; in that case we guarantee a professional detective.
The little ones brag about having gone where the customer wanted and about having done all the work when presenting the report and the invoice recharged with their “partecipation”. The truth is they secretly entrust a colleague to perform on the spot.
In this situation the client ignores who really made the work, there are no guarantees about quality, and the client has paid much more because he/she has paid two detective agencies.

It’s understood and agreed by the client that, in the event that the clients opts for the Partner's estimate, G.G.S. Services Ltd. isn’t responsible about the results of the investigation, neither toward the client nor toward the detective agency. G.G.S. Services Ltd. acts as a go-between both to put in contact the two realities, free of charge.

Every case is unique and singly treated. One appointee of ours will analyze your requests and your final objectives, finding the best solution for you and containing the costs.

Consult us for a free estimate.