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Devices sale

Although the sale of these devices doesn't represent the Core Business of our Company, products daily used by us and by our clients are available for sale. The sold products are new, same as those available in rental, and you may have already tried them in a previous hire.

These devices are not produced by us, but they are purchased from the best world producers; they are then sold with the producer’s original guarantee.

It is also possible that Global Ghost Solutions makes available for the sale its used and checked devices; therefore these possible "good deals" can have a smaller and interesting price, while maintaining quality safety and perfect operation. We remind you that ALL these devices are verified and eventually repaired whenever they come back. This always guarantees their perfect operation especially in case of sale as "used".

Chosen particular products like these, you have to consider different aspects. Our product technicians are at your disposal weighing up your final demands and advising you on the right equipment to use. Established the final objectives and the working conditions, they will recommend you the most high-performance product for your needs.

Contact us for assistance and technical details about products you are interested in.