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Mystery Shopper

Enjoy working... a possible and extremely nearby possibility!

Can you believe it would be possible to be paid for shopping, staying in a hotel or lunching at a restaurant? It’s true! You must only become one of ours Mystery Shoppers!


Everyone loves shopping. Now imagine you enter a shop, buy new clothes or a perfume, a gift for a person nice to you or again have lunch at a very expensive restaurant or enter an amusement park with your family... and to be paid for doing that!

The only thing we ask you is to “tell” us your experience, describing what you appreciated most and the service inefficiencies you suffered from. Nothing more simple!

Who knows how many times you received a poor service during your shopping… do you remember your will to complain with someone to ensure that this doesn’t happen again in the future?


Any specific skills are required for doing this work; only diligence, professionalism, take a hard look, meet the deadline, have a good memory, be responsible and serious in your commitments.

What benefits do you get back? The possibility to live new experiences, a self-employment which assure you when, where and how to work to get the job done, to earn money or increase your income in an easy and simple way.

Filling the application form you will automatically become a member of our mystery shopper team and decide to develop this job into a full-time or part-time activity.

shopper MYSTERY SHOPPER: A dream Job... a job that turns dreams into reality!

Imagine to be paid for shopping…. You can! Become immediately one of our Mystery Shopper Team!

If you are interested in becoming part of our Mystery Shopper Team, join us!

You will be contacted as soon as we need your help!

What is specifically a Mystery Shopper?

The Mystery Shopper is a person that pretending to be a client enters a shop, a hotel or an any commercial or service business and test directly the product or the service, the structure, professionalism of the employees. Through contemplated questions, he assesses the service, the surrounding environment, the availability of the employees, etc.

The Mystery Shopper is able to give a complete and professional evaluation of a business, obviously with the critical eye of any client. Once finished your visit, you will have only to fill out the form complete of all its parts that we have delivered you and to send us it by e-mail within the planned time that we have communicated you at the commitment. By this form, the principal can do an analysis of every single activity visited by the mysterious client and, thanks to it, improve his own service to the customers, his own products, strengthen some sectors, improve the professionalism of his own employees, etc...


How to become a Mystery Shopper?

Registration, through the compilation of our form, is totally free. Filling in corrected and complete way all the form fields you will be automatically recorded in our database. According to our clients’ requests you will be contacted to carry out the assignment they have requested.

Who can develop this duty?

There are no limits of age, the main point is to be of age. You can be a student, a housewife, a pensioner or a worker... no matter… the main point is to do the job in a serious way. The persons in charge to carry out these visits are common people selected among a lot of applicants who sent the application form according to the clientele's desired target of the commercial business they will go to appraise. They are obviously open minded persons, dynamic, different in age to satisfy every demand, serious, responsible, with a very good spirit of observation, good memory, critical ability and objective.

What type of activity will you develop?

Activities will be many and different. You will afford different types of engagements. Here are some examples:

- to visit hotels, restaurants, spa, theatres with the aim to appraise the service offered to the clientele.

- to visit banks, offices with the aim to appraise the service, the rapidity and the correctness in the release of documents and services.

- to visit shops, shopping centres, supermarkets, dealerships, etc, with the aim to appraise the correctness of the offered promotions, the service to the client, the professionalism of the personnel, etc.

- you could only owe to phone to a telephone company to test the professionalism and the seriousness of the furnished services.

How long does the job last?

The simplest tasks have an average duration between 10 and 20 minutes. More complex tasks take longer time. We will communicate you the timing when commissioning the job.

Which is the manner of payment and how much is a Mystery Shopper paid?

Every charge has a different payment decided by the client and based on the difficulties of the task. It is also possible that some tasks involve a reimbursement for travel costs or something else. Payment will be made by bank transfer following the invoice or the official receipt that you will send us at the end of the charge. The amount of the payment is communicated when the task is over after receiving the form duly filled out.

Can a job be refused? Which risks does a Mystery Shopper occur?

You will have the possibility to refuse a job without being crossing off of our Mystery Clients list. If you are unable to attend to a task previously accepted, you must communicate us in good time (at least a week before the beginning date of the task). If you don’t respect this term you will be signaled on our list and consequently cancelled. Obviously you won't be entitled to any payment or reimbursement. If during the visit the Mystery Shopper is recognized or if the form isn’t completely filled out in all of its parts because of an oversight or something else, the task will be considered void and therefore any payment won't be performed for the service you furnished. You will also be pointed out in our list and probably removed. In both cases above mentioned our Society reserves the right to take any or no action against the person for the possible damages or for damages required by third parties.