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Mystery Shopping

An economical and high-performance solution for the quality control and the customer satisfaction!

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In order to emerge in a more and more competitive marketplace, totally globalized, where prices, offers and products are quite similar, it is important to found choices and strategies of your own points of strength and to improve lacks and weaknesses for the success of your own firm...

But how is it possible to get this data useful to improve lacks and to strengthen your points of strength? It is necessary an analysis of your business structure and of its efficiency.

And how is it possible to obtain this data without investing lots of money and to get simple and clear data, easy to read and interpret? The answer is easy: monitoring the quality by MYSTERY SHOPPING!

Nothing is more useful than customer point of view for knowing what works or doesn’t in your business and in your products!

This service takes place in the heart of your society and give you the possibility to see your society from the most important point of view, your client’s point of view! This without spending a fortune, wasting your time and energies.

By simple visits for testing the quality of the products and services you offer and thanks to the remarks collected from our collaborators, we can give you useful and usable data in order to identify what works and what doesn’t in your approach with the client; in this way you can easily identify the lacks of your structure and take specific, targeted actions where necessary.

A powerful weapon to distinguish from the completion and be more competitive and future-oriented.

Our company boasts more than 3.000 competent and prepared freelancers. They will develop these quality control activities in your behalf with the highest level of discretion and professionalism, completely anonymous and objectively appraising the service offered according to those that will be your specific applications.


However please remember that who must advise you on possible improvements and changes must correspond to one of your average clients... for this reason our collaborators are standard people that are daily clients and usufructuaries of any activity, service or business.

Please don’t trust who tells to be over-qualified...however technical and professional he can be, he can hardly mirror your average client and his demands...

Password: Mystery Shopping!

Our company, young and dynamic, can help you in this difficult work, accompanying you in your business growth and helping you to reach an higher level of quality and services rendered to the customers.

Our reality is creative and enthusiastic, constantly increasing and evolving. We adore challenges and we are convinced that behind every corner and every problem there is a great opportunity; you just need to grasp it!

Every business, from the commercial field to that of telephone communications, has some aspects that, following a deep survey, can be improved and developed according to the specific lacks eventually individualized.
From luxury to automotive sector, from the major multiple retailers to hotels and entertainment establishments, any commercial activity needs the service of customer satisfaction.


Through our services, you can observe the real public image of your activity when it meets the client. You can analyse and therefore improve the services you offer to your client and make considerations of growth of your products and services; monitoring the answer that your offers have on the market, you can also pick the placement of your business.


We are able to analyse any kind of market with objective and critical eye, always carefully present on your demands and applications. Our job is to create a discreet channel through which your society comes into direct contact with the private thoughts of your client, discovering his most emotional side when comparing with you; in this way you will discover the key to make your client satisfied while enjoying of your products or services.

Listening to your client, his desires and hopes, you directly come into contact with your final objective:

A satisfied client is a loyal client, a client that returns to buy and it’s a good free ad!

At the end of every task you will receive the report of the visit by email; by it you will make your observations and implement your strategies to improve and expand your business. The frequency of the visits is your choice, according to your wishes and necessity.

Advantages are many:

• Experience of the service to your clients: we give you a clear image of the relationship between your employees and your clients.

• Analysis of the product: we analyse the product from the point of view of its price, compared to its quality and availability.

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• Commercial analysis: we verify and we appraise the efficiency and the effectiveness of your sale structure.

• Atmosphere: we write reports about the whole surface of sale, according to the feelings of the client when entering the place, about the quality and the merchandising, about the display of the products, about cleanliness, etc...

• Business rule: we observe your staff from the point of view of the correctness and the respect of your business rules.

• Cross and link selling: we furnish you a report on the professionalism and competence of your employee, also from the point of view of the advice to the client, which and how many kinds of products are offered to your clients, etc...

• Own Brands: we analyse the positioning of your business brands about their display and if they are proposed by the personnel during the sale.

• Placement: we pick up useful data about what your clients appreciate or don’t.


Through our services you can increase your sales, improve your retail outlets, correct and improve the staff, resolve possible inefficiency, increase your sales, keep customers loyal; all this is possible trusting a team of honest, professional, motivated collaborators completely in agreement with your business politics.

Contact us for any question or for a free quote. We are always open to new applications and challenges from our clients with no limits.