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Devices rental

Global Ghost Solutions' business is the rent of devices for investigations.

We have been dealing in this business for decades by now... and this has allowed us the selection of products of medium/high level that offer excellent performances and have few manifestations of problems and inefficiencies (which is fundamental for the good and peaceful outcome of an investigation).

Our products are nowhere found; these equipment are available for sale within the European Economic Area, and with patience anyone can find them in the web.

It should be clarified that Global Ghost Solutions doesn't own the keys of any superior technology not yet known to man... The Company has only selected good/excellent products on free market, and it made them available to its customers at a low price rental.

However it should be underlined that these devices have nothing to do with the dozen items advertised on Internet, or sold in spy shops. Here you will not find spy alarm clocks, spy pens, GPS with a few hour battery life, bugs hidden into a hallstand, etc... We don't handle this kind of products. If you need similar solutions you should look for elsewhere.

From us you will found high technical or less technical products, aimed to create hidden systems, to be used in situations more or less particulars, even operating at their limits, which however are able to do their job extremely well and without any problem or inefficiency. That's important!
The customer that appeals to us hires a result, not an attempt!

The second important thing is that through us you can hire these devices at rental fees between 25% and 70% less than with anyone else!

Few examples:

GPS device

€ 12,00/day

Magnetic satellite locator for cars with small sizes (about a cigarette box). Fast and accurate GPS tracking, also BTS tracking, smartphone friendly. Battery life up to 35 days (on working).

GSM bug

€ 26,00/day

High sensitive bug with very small sizes and GSM quadri band technology. Power supply between 3,6 Vdc and 240 Vac, according to needs. Hired with 1 channel receiver (manually recording by PC software).

Radio microcamera

€ 35,00/day

Day/night colour micro camera with on board microphone, digital 1 channel audio/video receiver included (176GB). Coverage up to 900/1.000 meters. 240Vac power supply. Small sizes.


Devices sale

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