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Global Ghost Solutions was born for revolutionizing the investigation sector by launching the rent of technical equipment used in investigation actions at very interesting and economical prices. So it is possible the use of these equipment by a very large customer base.

Application of electronic equipment to classic investigation activity is nowadays a reality. This awareness brought Global Ghost Solutions to make possible low-cost rents and this is its main service. In this way Global Ghost Solutions intends to spread the use of this equipment so important in the investigations.

The precise selection of the partners, the deep knowledge of the sector and of its problems during investigative actions make us leader in the technical rents.

The Company, cleverly distributed on the territory, is also able to supply precise and legal trade reports on businesses and individuals. Global Ghost Solutions was born in Cyprus and incorporates other realities in Europe, but headquarter is in Cyprus according to owners' whishes.

Cyprus is in the EU Community and this sets Global Ghost Solutions out of any Black List. Cyprus VAT is very favorable (19%) and it makes any business relationship competitive as there is no problem or bond to work with.

Global Ghost Solutions invites you to browse its website to discover all the services offered.


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